To purchase a Fouciau bow you click the purchase link of the desired item in the shop section of the website and I will get back to you instantly about the arrangement of the transaction. I am a very fast responder and from reaching out to me regarding a finished bow you should be able to receive it within 14 work days. Usually faster depending on your location. Everything that is in the shop section is available. Sold bows are instantly removed.

In the “sold” section you will find bows that I have sold since this web page was created.

The bows can be shipped all over the world to a very affordable price.

For one bow the shipping cost is as follows:

Europe: 25,00 Euros
World: 65,00 Euros

I offer a 14 days return policy with a full refund no questions asked. The buyer pays for the return shipping and as soon as the bow is back here in its original condition the money will be returned.

I try to avoid making large amounts of arrows but I offer matched and correctly spined arrows along with each sold bow. They can be added onto the order in desired quantity and are priced individually.

Click HERE for more information and pricing of arrows.

Should you require a string, extra arrows, a bow case or maybe a new leather grip you are welcome to contact me about it. I will let you know if I have something or can find time to make it for you but there are many shops for archery equipment out there that does this cheaper and in some cases better. I try to focus on making the bows.

If you have a specific requirement of a bow you are welcome to contact me through the contact form.